May 10, 2007

Last post on the Jazz game

OK, I think by now we've all seen (or SHOULD have seen) the highlights from the game. The only reason the Warriors were even IN the game was because of the 3-point shooting, which is their forte. I feel really confident that if the Jazz can keep them under 32% from the three point line, they'll win the rest of the games. The rebounding margin was just embarrassing, +28 for the Jazz. Nellie even called out Harington and said he's not a good rebounder. The Warriors gave this one away with lousy free throw shooting, bottom line is that they are down 0-2 and need to win 4 of the next 5 games or they will be watching the rest of they playoffs from their couches.

And big ups for D Fish, flies in from NY after his daughter had surgery. It was like Willis Reed limping out of the locker room for the Knicks, didn't score a lot, but made a huge emotional impact. Obviously, like everyone and their dog, I hope all is well with little Fish. Also, I'm surprised Dee is alive after just about getting broken in half by Memo, we need him back!

On a lighter note, I spent 7 1/2 hrs studying at Panera yesterday and I am going back. The soft leather chairs are fantastic and there's free coffee refills, plus cute girls go in there all the time (gotta love the eye candy). Big test tomorrow, last one of the year, then it's party time! (after the Jazz game of course).


Another Asian Law Student said...

"cute girls" - how old?

Scrumtrulescent said...

actually, after today, I realized that MOST of the girls that go in there are under 17 or over 65.

Spicy Law Girl said...

HAHAHAHA...oh, already gotten into each other's pants. That's what "weirdness" was referring to.

Another Asian Law Student said...

plaese update your post so as to fit more appropriately the current situation.. :]

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